Garre LaGrone is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Amarillo, Texas.  He lived in Nashville from 1990 through 1995 traveling with Lorrie Morgan, while pursuing an Artist-Songwriter career.  Garre also worked with Reba McIntire's Starstruck Music Group under the mentorship of Cliff Williamson and Richard Barrow in 1994, showcasing and performing for Decca, MCA and Warner Brothers.  He put his music and songwriting on hold and moved back to Texas in 1995 to be closer to his children and family.

 "Songwriting has been my passion since I was seventeen.  I started digging back into songwriting about a year and a half ago.  Co-writing is such a blessing because when you get two or three creative souls in the room together, it's a recipe for magic!  I travel to Nashville once a month and co-write with some incredibly talented young songwriters that blow me away!!  They have definitely taught this old dog a new trick or two!   That is very cool and I'm very grateful!"

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